Thai / Isaarn Buffet
minimum 30 pax
Prawn and cassava cracker with sweet chili dip
Moo manao 2 kg neck 15%
Steamed pork with lemon juice, chili, garlic and herbs
Poh pia tod pak ruam 30psc
Vegetable spring rolls
Tod man pla
Fish cakes
Satay kai
Chicken satay
Tom Yum Talay
Spicy fish soup
Gaeng kiew wan kai
Chicken green curry
Pla nin rad prik
Fried tilapia with chili sauce
Larb Moo
Spicy mixed pork salad with the flavors of roasted sticky rice, lemon, chili, mint and cilantro
Pad pak ruam
Stir-fried mixed vegetable
Kai pad med mamuang
Chicken cashew nuts
Kao suay
Steamed rice
Kao pad
Fried rice
Polamai ruam
Fruit plate
Itim kati
Coconut ice-cream