Create your own Buffet
minimum order 30 pax
for 30 pax
for 1 pax

Bread and spreads

Prawn and casave cacker with sweet chili dip 600 20
Assorted bread and butter 750 25
Focaccia Bread and tapenade 750 25


Tom Yum Talay 3000 100
Spicy fish soup
Gaeng kiew wan kai 15000 500
Chicken green curry soup
Kanom jeen nam ya pla tien kai 15000 500
Spicy fish curried soup with fish balls and chicken feed served with noodles and fresh herbs
Wonton soup 3000 100
Chicken consommé garnished with vegetables and dumplings
Tom Ka Kai 3000 100
Mild chicken coconut soup with the flavors of galangal and lemon grass
Gazpacho 3000 100
Chilled spicy tomato soup
Zuppa Minestrone 3000 100
Vegetable & pasta soup
Zuppa di pomodoro 3000 100
Spiced tomato soup à la chef Bart
Onion soup with cheese crouton 3000 100
Classic French onion soup with a cheese crouton
Beef consommé 3000 100
Strong flavored beef consomme with a garnish from vegetables and beef
Oxtail cappucinno  3000 100
Very strong flavored beef soup garnished with oxtail meat and broiled with cream and curry poweder

Salads and vegatarian 

Pasta salad 1800 60
Tomato-cucumber salad 1800 60
Coleslaw 1800 60
Mixed greens 1800 60
Potato salad (Can be without bacon bits) 1800 60
Poh pia tod pak ruam 30psc 1200 40
Vegetable spring rolls
Insalata di pomodoro e mozzarella 1500 50
Tomato and mozzarella salad with basil, dashed with extra virgin olive oil and black pepper
Insalata di verdure alla griglia 1500 50
Mixed grilled vegetables marinated in olive oil and herbs
Ravioli agli spinaci e ricotta 1200 40
Pasta pillows filled with spinach and ricotta cheese.
Deviled eggs 34 halves 1350 45
Egg whites filled with a creamy mixture from the yolks

Seafood starters

Japanese mirror 3000 100
Salmon sashimi, Tuna sashimi, Scallop sashimi, 2 different sushi rolls and traditional condiments
Seafood platter 11850 395
With whole poached salmon, smoked salmon, prawns, langoustine, surimi crab sticks & mussels
Grand Seafood platters 12000 400
With whole poached salmon, smoked salmon, smoked mackerel, prawns, langoustine, and Lobster salad
Grande seafood mirror 11250 375
With poasched salmon, smoked salmon, sushi, sasimi, surimi, prawns
Oysters minimum 2 box 96psc oyser weight 15gr meat 1440 48
Fin des Claire oysters with traditional condiments
Sushi 2 different style of sushi maki 900 30
 Two different style of sushi maki
Mixed seafood cocktail 2100 70
Prawns, Mussels, And Squid combined with 1000 island dressing
Tod man pla 900 30
Fish cakes
Kung chae nam pla 3 kg whole 40% loss 2100 70
Fresh raw prawns with chili, mint and garlic
Terriyaki Prawns 3 kg whole 40% loss 2100 70
Teriyaki roasted prawns with a creamy roast sesame sauce

Meat and Poultry starters

Grand  meat platter 4800 160
 Roast pork, salamis, black forrest ham and Pate
Moo manao 2 kg neck 15% 1800 60
Steamed pork with lemon juice, chili, garlic and herbs
Nam tok moo 2100 70
Barbecued pork salad flavored with cilantro, mint, roasted rice, lime, onion, garlic and chili
Sour mango salad 1800 60
young mango brought up to taste with red onion, vinegar, sugar, and chili, garnished  with smoked chicken
Satay kai 1500 50
Chicken satay
Carpaccio 1500 50
Carpaccio is one of the chef’s specialties.
Carne di maiale Tonnato 1800 60
Sliced pork covered with a creamy, mayonnaise-like sauce that has been flavored with tuna
Prosciutto di Parma con melone 1500 50
Old timer on most of the menus worldwide, so try our Parma ham in  with cantaloupe melon.
Tre diversi salumi. 1500 50
3 different salamis garnished with olive and sundry tomato
Roast beef 1500 50
Thin sliced roasted beef with horseraddish and mustard
Pate 1500 50
Home made pate from pork
Roasted pork loin 1800 60
Thin sliced roasted pork with horseraddish and mustard
Poultry terrine 1500 50
Homemade medley of duck, goose chicken and quail combined with strong flavored aspic.
Duck pate 1500 50
Home made pate from duck
Chefs pâté 1500 50
Pork liver pâté flavored with smoked bacon and cognac garnished with dried fruit, nuts, and pickled red onion compote
Devilled cucumbers  34 psc 1500 50
Cucumber cups filled with a mousse from spicy salami

Main dish Seafood

Pla nin rad prik 4500 150
Fried tilapia with chili sauce
Pla kapong neung manao 3990 133
Sea-bass steamed in lemon soup
Grouper with sweet chili sauce 3990 133
Deep fried grouper files tossed in sweet chili sauce flavored with lime leaves
Prawns in yellow curry (white prawns) 2400 80
Prawns simmered in yellow curry
Branzino al forno con salsa al limoncello capperi 3990 133
Pan-fried sea bass filet with limoncello caper sauce
Tagliatelle frutti di mare 3000 100
Black tagliatelle fried with seafood.
Salmon filet 3600 120
Pan fried salmon filet white wine sauce
Sea bass filet 3600 120
Pan fried Sea bass filet with a dill Sauce

Main dish Meat

Larb Moo 2100 70
Spicy mixed pork salad with the flavors of roasted sticky rice, lemon, chili, mint and cilantro
Kai pad med mamuang 2400 80
Chicken cashew nuts
Peek gai tod 4500 150
Fried chicken wings
Babi pang gang 2400 80
Roasted pork with a light spicy sweet tomato sauce
Wagyu eye of rump in oyster sauce 2400 80
Wagyu Beef fried with green vegetables and oyster sauce
Lasagna 4500 150
Pasta leaves layered with bolognaise sauce and cheese sauce
Piccata Milanesa 3000 100
Breaded pork with spaghetti and tomato sauce, garnished with gremolata.
Roast Pork loin 3600 120
Juicy roasted Pork loin with Red wine thyme sauce & mustard sauce
Chicken ragout with mushrooms 2400 80
Creamy mixture of chicken and mushrooms
Roasted local beef tenderloin, 3600 120
Medium roasted Local tenderloin with Red wine thyme sauce & mustard sauce
Zurich pork (Thin sliced pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce) 3000 100
Thin sliced pork combined with button muchrooms onion garlic and herbs in cream sauce
Roasted lamb leg  3.8kg include bone 2700 90
Medium roasted lamb leg with red wine thyme sauce
Roasted Australian 120 day grain fed beef tenderloin 3600 120
Medium roasted Australian 120day Black Angus tenderloin with Red wine thyme sauce & mustard sauce
Australian Black Angus clean weight include side dish 10800 360
150 grams charcoal grilled filet mignon of 120 day’s aged Black Angus from Australia
Skin on roasted potato wedges with rosemary/thyme and garlic, Spinach in cream sauce broiled with gruyere cheese
Barbecue meat package 7800 260
Ham steak, beef tenderloin, pork shasliks, Neurenberg sausage, Chicken drumstick

Side dishes

Stir-fried mixed vegetable 2100 70
Steamed rice 2400 80
Fried rice 2400 80
Basmati rice 2400 80
Indonesian noodles 2400 80
Glazed carrots 1500 50
Green beans  1500 50
Snow peas 1500 50
Cauliflower in cheese sauce, 2100 70
Crème spinach 2100 70
Sweet corncob, 1800 60
Mashed potato 1500 50
Baked potato 2100 70
Roasted potato 2100 70


Mango sticky rice 1500 50
Traditional Thai dessert with sweet mango sicky rice and coconut milk
Fruit plate 3000 100
Seasonal fruit plate with a variety of typical Thai fruits
Water melon with sambucca 2250 75
Chilled watter melon marinated with sambucca
Fruit salad 30 glass 1800 60
A fruit medley of seasonal fruits
Pineapple flambé 1500 50
Pineapple flambéed in Captain Morgan rum and Malibu
Panna cotta 2250 75
Milk and cream dessert flavored with bourbon vanilla, decorated with strawberry sauce
Straw berry bavarois 30glass 1800 60
Pudding from strawberries and whip cream with a touch of shaved almonds
Mango mousse 30 glass 1800 60
Pudding from mango white chocolate and whipping cream
Orange mousse 1800 60
Pudding made from navel orange and cream
Asia pear – Ginger bavaroise 3000 100
Mousse made with Asian pears and candied ginger
Chocolate mousse 30glass 1800 60
Chocolate mousse made with bitter Swiss chocolate flavored with espresso Tia-Maria and hazel nut
Tiramisu 3000 100
Tiramisu is a popular coffee-flavored Italian dessert
Lime cheesecake 30 psc 900 30
Crusty pie filled with a lime cheese crème garnished with white chocolate
Éclairs 1800 60
Pastry puffs filled with whipping cream and topping from Swiss chocolate 30psc
Petit fours 30psc 900 30
A variety of small French pastries
Passion fruit parfait 3000 100
Homemade ice cream made with passion fruit
Coconut ice-cream (full box) 3000 100
Blue berry yogurt ice-cream (full box) 3300 110
Bourbon Vanilla ice-cream (full box) 3300 110
Dark chocolate ice-cream (full box) 3300 110
Lemon sorbet (full box) 3300 110
International cheese plate 2250 75
A variety of minimum 6 International cheeses