Buffet Diamond Evening
minimum order 30 pax
. Gram
for 30 pax
for 1 pax
Canapés selection for aperitif 90 psc 3600 120
Appetizers (Buffet)  
Bread and butter
Assorted breads and butter variety
750 25
Roasted pork platter
Thin sliced roast pork served with horseradish
1800 60
Chefs pâté
Pork liver pâté flavored with smoked bacon and cognac garnished with dried fruit, nuts, and pickled red onion compote
1500 50
Parma ham melon
Thin sliced Parma ham with cantaloupe melon
1500 50
Grand Seafood platters
With whole poached salmon, smoked salmon, smoked mackerel, prawns, langoustine, and Lobster salad
12000 400
Oxtail cappuccino
Strong flavored oxtail soup , broiled with cream and curry powder
3000 100
Main course (Table service/family style) Australian Black Angus clean weight
150 grams charcoal grilled filet mignon of 120 day’s aged Black Angus from Australia
Skin on roasted potato wedges with rosemary/thyme and garlic, Spinach in cream sauce broiled with gruyere cheese
Pepper sauce and garlic herb butter
10800 360
Chocolate mousse 30glass
Chocolate mousse made with bitter Swiss chocolate flavored with espresso Tia-Maria and hazel nut
1800 60
Straw berry bavarois 30glass
Pudding from strawberries and whip cream with a touch of shaved almonds
1800 60
Lime cheesecake 30 small psc
Crusty pie filled with a lime cheese crème garnished with white chocolate
900 30
Pineapple flambé
Pineapple flambéed in Captain Morgan rum and Malibu
1500 50
Fruit salad 30 glass
A fruit medley of seasonal fruits
1800 60
Ice creams (full Boxes)
Bourbon vanilla and Bleu berry yogurt
12000 400
Total gram per person  1,825  
Total gram for 30 persons  45,600