Buffet Around Thailand
minimum 30 pax
Pawn and cassava crackers
Crispy fried prawn crackers and cassava crackers with chili dips
Sour mango salad
young mango brought up to taste with red onion, vinegar, sugar, and chili, garnished  with smoked chicken
Nam tok moo
Barbecued pork salad flavored with cilantro, mint, roasted rice, lime, onion, garlic and chili
Teriyaki Prawns
Teriyaki roasted prawns with a creamy roast sesame sauce
Tom Ka Kai
Mild chicken coconut soup with the flavors of galangal and lemon grass
Sea-bass with lemon soup
Sea-bass steamed in sweet spicy lemon soup
Prawns in yellow curry (white prawns)
Prawns simmered in yellow curry
Chicken cashew nuts
Chicken fried with bell peppers, onion, dried chili, green onion and cashew nuts
Babi pang gang
Roasted pork with a light spicy sweet tomato sauce
Fried vegetable
Mix of stir fried vegetables
Fried rice, Basmati rice and Indonesian noodles
Tropical fruit platter
Seasonal fruit plate with a variety of typical Thai fruits
Passion fruit parfait
Homemade ice cream made with passion fruit